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As shower towers, also known as shower panels, grow in popularity, we wanted to share our 7 best shower tower picks with the hope our research can add to your bathroom experience. These shower panels will also certainly help increase the overall value of your water closet and, ultimately, your home.

Let’s take a brief look at what shower towers are, some of the benefits of these nifty devices, and then cover our top 7 picks. These top 7 picks are the best shower panel towers on the market today.

What Are Shower Towers?

Shower towers are a type of shower massage panel system that offers an impressive array of features and benefits. These features elevate your showering experience, but they also often make showering easier and more comfortable than before. Shower towers are usually a one-piece panel that includes a shower head, shower body jets, and a shower faucet into one unit. Ultimately, a shower tower can provide a spa-like shower experience, and it has a number of benefits over traditional shower fixtures.

What Are the Benefits of Shower Towers?

First and foremost, a shower panel tower can save space in your shower. Second, a shower panel tower can be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional shower fixtures. Third, a shower panel tower can provide a more efficient and effective showering experience by delivering water exactly where you need it. Finally, a shower panel tower can be easier to keep clean than traditional shower fixtures. If you’re looking for a luxurious and efficient showering experience, you’ll definitely want to consider investing in a shower panel tower.

Honestly, it can be overwhelming to peruse online stores to find the right product for your home. Here at Trufixxi, we’re dedicated to helping you and your family find the right fixtures and water treatment products for your home. Today, we’ve ranked and reviewed just the top 7 shower towers to get you the answers quickly and provide the information you need. Hopefully, this will help make your decision a bit easier and less painful. Now, let’s narrow down the top shower panel systems.

Want to learn more about why shower towers are a great addition to your bathroom space? Find out how to pick the perfect one: How to Pick the Perfect Shower Panel for Your Home.

1. Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Towers with Rainfall Shower Head, 8 Adjustable Nozzles, and Spout (This is Our Favorite)

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The Blue Ocean 52” Stainless Steel SPV878392H Shower Panel has tons of features. These include a waterfall shower head, 8 adjustable massage jets, a rainfall shower head, and a tub spout/tub filler. This shower panel system has everything you need for the ultimate showering experience.

The beautiful stainless steel finish is sleek and chic. It is also easy to clean since it’s made of high-quality stainless steel to set your bathroom apart. Additionally, easily customize the shower body jets while using the LED temperature display to set the perfect water temperature. This shower tower’s features will be having you enjoying plenty of water flow in no time.

Furthermore, the waterfall shower head is sure to give you an invigorating shower every time in your own home without having to wait to get to the spa to relax.

And the best part? This shower panel system is super easy to install without all the stress that others might have. Plus, the price is right for such a well-equipped shower tower; you’ll wonder why you hadn’t purchased it sooner.


  • Material: Stainless Steel, Size: 52″H x 10″W x 3.5”D (132 x 26 x 9cm).
  • Stainless Steel Frame with Blue Color Tempered Glass Surface.
  • Temperature Display and 8 Jet Nozzles.
  • Waterfall Showerhead, Multi-functional Handheld Showerhead, and Tub Spout/Tub Filler.
  • You need good water pressure to ensure all of the shower panel systems work correctly.

2. ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel System Tower with Shelf, LED Rainfall and Mist Head Rain Massage Stainless Steel Shower Fixtures with Adjustable Body Jets, Brushed Nickel Finish

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  • Romantic LED atmosphere lights. Water flow powers these LEDs, so no batteries are needed to make your bathroom come alive.
  • Temperature built-in LED display that assists you in selecting the best water temperature (100°F).
  • LED overhead rainfall showerhead, adjustable high-powered body massage jets, tub spout and hand shower head.
  • High-efficiency multi-function handheld shower wand.
  • This shower panel system allows you to turn two of the massage jets on simultaneously; high water pressure is needed.
  • All-in-one shower tower system with all the accessories for a direct wall mount installation without difficult plumbing or drilling. Concealed brackets design makes it both modern and clean looking.
  • Connect pre-plumbed fitting with standard 1/2 in. connection and reinforced pipes in the rear.
  • Shower panel system comes with water flow restrictor options (80 psi).
  • Constructed with SUS 304 stainless steel shower panels for more corrosion resistance, lower maintenance, and better longevity.

3. ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Towers System, LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head 6-Function Faucet Rain Massage System with Body Jets, Brushed Nickel Finish

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  • Shower panel system water line connection type: 1/2″ FIP, material: 304 stainless steel body. Copper shower faucet and PVC piping.
  • This shower panel tower allows you to turn 2 sprayers on at the same time if you have high water pressure. Water flow 1.8GPM at 80Psi.
  • This Luxury shower panel has a built-in LED temperature display.
  • LED overhead rainfall showerhead, adjustable high-powered body massage jets.
  • Tub filler/tub spout and high-efficiency multi-function handheld shower wand.
  • Multi-outlet switches which control multiple combinations of water effects with 4 adjustable jet nozzles for power mist massage and 3-setting handheld shower fixtures.
  • Limited 2-year parts warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty is void if the product has been purchased from an unauthorized distributor.

4. VIGO VG08008 Mateo 20.5″ -7.13″ W -59.5″ H Shower Massage Panel 6 -Jet High Pressure Shower System with Thermostatic, Volume, Dual Function Control Type, Brass Hardware in Stainless Steel Finish

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  • Multifunctional use: use the showerhead, massage jets, and hand shower simultaneously for an all-around exceptional experience.
  • Hydrotherapy water pressure: 6 massage body-targeted massage sprayers focus on specific areas of the body to relieve pain and tension in the midst of a luxurious shower experience.
  • 2.5 GPM flow rate: powerful 2.5 gallons per minute flow rate within this shower panel allow for enough pressure to have a luxurious shower experience without overpowering the user.
  • Easy installation: flat wall or corner installation means this shower panel system can be easily installed and versatile in almost any setup.
  • Perfection in the details: integrated rough-in valve and metal-braided supply lines with standard 1/2-in connections make all the difference; 3 volume controls regulate the 6 massage jets.

5. PULSE ShowerSpas 1049B-BN Rio ShowerSpa Panel with 10″ Rain Showerhead, 6 Body Spray Jets, Hand Shower and Tub Spout, Black Tempered Glass with Bronze Stainless Steel Body, and Brushed Nickel Fixtures

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  • This shower panel system model is surface mounted and equipped with completely pre-plumbed, easy to connect to your hot/cold stub-outs.
  • Black tempered 5/16″ glass panel with bronze stainless steel body and Brushed-Nickel fixtures.
  • 10″ low profile rain showerhead; with rub-clean soft rub tips to easily clear mineral buildup for long-lasting performance.
  • 6 Single-function Silk body spray jets with soothing massage jets.
  • Single-function hand shower head with a double-interlocking stainless steel hose that stretches from 59 –78″.
  • Brass diverter features an easy-to-switch function; the Tru-Temp pressure balance valve ensures the water temperature remains constant.
  • Integrated brass tub spout/tub filler/temperature tester.

6. Mostbest Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System, LED Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head 6-Function Faucet Rain Massage System with Body Jets Fingerprint-Free, Brushed Nickel Handheld Finish

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  • Built from durable stainless steel, it immerses you in a truly relaxing shower experience and you can enjoy the modern style of this beautifully designed shower massage panel.
  • Shower panels are high density 304 stainless steel design, durable, corrosion-resistant shower hose. No need to worry about breaking or leaking.
  • Six modes: rainfall, waterfall, two functions horizontal massage spray, hand shower, and water spout.
  • Temperature display that assists you in selecting the best water temperature and can let you know how long you have showered. More modern and intelligent design.
  • Plenty of water pressure to the shower head, handheld shower, and the body jets of the shower system; this can make you feel like you are in the spa.
  • The rainfall shower head provides a soft waterfall-like flow to cover your entire body and relax you.

7. Blue Ocean 59” Aluminum SPA8659 Thermostatic Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head, 3 Body Nozzles, and Handheld Shower Head

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  • Material: aluminum alloy frame with white color tempered glass surface.
  • Size: 59″H x 9.75″W x 4”D (150 x 25 x 10cm).
  • 3 adjustable nozzles for water massage.
  • Adjustable rainfall showerhead and handheld shower head.
  • All functions can work simultaneously.
  • New model, manufactured under ISO-9001 standard.
  • Adjustable rainfall shower head, a handheld showerhead, and 3 adjustable body nozzles.
  • 5mm white color tempered glass surface.
  • Integrated with thermostatic valve control.
  • Massage panel designed for flat wall installation.
  • Chrome-plated brass hose.
  • A standard 1/2” plumbing connection, needs 28-72psi water pressure to work properly.
  • Installation requires access to hot and cold water pipes directly.
  • Reinforced pipes on the back.
  • The minimum pressure required is 28 psi and the maximum pressure required is 72 psi.
  • All functions can work simultaneously for a better showering experience.
  • 1-year part warranty.

In Summary: Shower Towers Are Worth the Investment

If you’re considering a shower tower for your bathroom, you’ll know that they range in price drastically. A good shower panel that will last is going to be an investment, and it’s important to note what a big difference there is between a standard shower head and a shower tower panel. If you don’t think your whole family will use all of the features on a shower tower’s panel, this may not be the best investment for you. However, if you are looking to increase your home’s value (especially if you recently renovated your bathroom and put in a nice shower), a shower tower is definitely the way to go. Admittedly, shower towers scream “luxury” that certain homebuyers are willing to go the extra mile for.

Here at Trufixxi, we know it can be tough to decide which product is the best for you. Hopefully, this list has given you a good starting point in your research for which of the available shower towers is best for your home. All of the shower towers we have selected for our list are top-quality products that will suit your needs and last a long time. Moreover, we’ve tried to include a variety of options to fit different lifestyles and budgets. However, we ask you to remember that the most important thing is to choose a shower tower that fits your needs.

So, take your time and think about what’s important to you – do you need a lot of bells and whistles, or something more basic? Once you’ve answered that question, choosing the perfect shower tower will be easy. Thanks for reading!

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